CloudCommuting Final Presentation (18)

Strategy of the Commons

developed for Self

Strategy of the Commons is a game that explores the application of Game Theory to a dynamic system of exchange like the CitiBike system in New York City.

Through observation of gameplay, we aim to address the following question: Can the implementation of system wide penalties and bonuses influence the behavior of self interested players? Furthermore, can we fine ­tune these penalties and bonuses to achieve system balance?

The major theoretical references for this game were the Tragedy of the Commons and the Prisoner’s Dilemma while Foursquare and retail incentive programs served as practical reference.

The game was built on a system that crossed software, hardware, and middleware. Players primary interface with the system was through an RFID card and their internet connected handheld. When a player taps the RFID card to a station’s reader, a 10­digit code is read and transmitted to an Arduino Yun. If the code is known to the Arduino, then it transmits the code, via a linux curl command to a central server over WIFI.

The game was played five times over the course of two days at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. Each the time was played, at least one variable was adjusted. We tracked gameplay dynamics through graph visualizations that tracked station inventory over the course of each game.

Strategy of the Commons was a group project completed during my studies at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. I was responsible for the design of the stations, prototyping the hardware, writing the software for the stations and fabrication.

  • Client - Self
  • Date Completed - November 2014
  • Skills/Tools Used - Arduino, C++, Javascript, Game Theory, RFID, REST