Remote Presence 1

developed for David Tracy

Remote Presence is an investigation of live-web enabled wearables. The project uses a smart phone as the means to broadcast live video from the user’s shoulder to a remote server.

Meanwhile, others anonymously log onto a web service with their phone and receive a feed of the video. One of the remote users gets to control the camera on the broadcaster’s shoulder through the accelerometer of their phone.

If many people are connected to the server, a random user is selected to control the camera.

The project uses a Node.js server with socket.io and express on the backend to manage the web service and video streams. On the front end, webRTC is used to access the camera of the broadcasting phone.

Remote Presence was a personal project completed during my studies at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. I was responsible for all aspects of design and development.

  • Client - David Tracy
  • Date Completed - November 2014
  • Skills/Tools Used - 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, Rhinoceros, Arduino Yun, WebSockets, Socket io, Express, HTML, CSS